#CBR-PNP Pink or Cream Infant Pettiskirt

Pink or Cream Infant PettiskirtPink or Cream Infant PettiskirtPink or Cream Infant Pettiskirt
Chic Baby Rose regular double layer pettiskirt's are so fluffy that sometimes it eats the baby in her photos - so she decided to make some 9" pink and cream skirts with a single layer, rather than double layer of chiffon for a more conservative fit for infants and newborns.

PLEASE NOTE!! This skirt is meant to be less fluffy than the normal 9" double layer pettiskirt.  It's still very fluffy, just not as full and it's a great option for infants under a year or for petite one-year olds on their first birthday.

Length 9" and Waist 16-22" - While unstretched, the elastic waistband measures 14" and fully stretched measures 22".

Availability:  Usually ships within 3-5 business days.
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