#CBR-CCS Birthday Cupcake Pettishirt (Tank or Tee)

Birthday Cupcake Pettishirt (Tank or Tee)Birthday Cupcake Pettishirt (Tank or Tee)Birthday Cupcake Pettishirt (Tank or Tee)

What do you wear with a Pettiskirt? Anything goes, but why not make it a set with a Baby Rose Fluffy Birthday Cupcake Pettishirt?!  Together with a matching pettiskirt you will have the perfect outfit for baby's first birthday and those birthday portraits.

Each white top features an embroidered cupcake, and candle, with chiffon fluff rosettes.   

Available on tank tops, short sleeve shirts and long sleeve shirts.  Please note that the chiffon fluff may get a bit squished during shipping, but will spring back to life once it's out of it's envelope!

(Skirt is not included but is available separately)

Also, please note that we only make one size of cupcake.  The photo shows a 12-18 month size, so naturally, as the shirt size gets larger, there will be more white space around the cupcake - the bigger the shirt, the smaller the cupcake will look.

Availability:  Usually ships within 3-5 business days.

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