#CBR-PFLOPS Pettiflops - For her Pettiskirt!

Pettiflops - For her Pettiskirt!
What do you wear with a Pettiskirt? Introducing Chic Baby Rose Petti Flops!

Currently available in many sizes, these white rubber Petti Flops feature three chiffon rosettes per flop, each embellished with a genuine Swarovski Crystal!

Sizes available include:

Size 8-9 Flip Flop (Foot Length 7")

Size 10-11 Flip Flop (Foot Length 7 5/8")

Size 12-13 Flip Flop (Foot Length 8 3/8")

Size 1-2 Flip Flop (Foot Length 9")

Size 3-4 Flip Flop (Foot Length 9 5/8")

(If you need a different color - email us for availability!)

Availability:  Usually ships in 5-7 business days.